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Startups 6 Tips for Scaling A Business

By Derek Neighbors, Published on March 6, 2016

1. Simplicity.

Keep things as simple as possible. Every time you add complexity to your business model, processes or operations you will pay for it exponentially as you grow.

2. Cash Flow.

Know how you will fund the next stage of growth. Nothing will stall a machine more quickly than it running out of gas.

3. Automate.

Anything that gets done repeatedly should be automated. The more simple things are the easier automation becomes.

4. Focus.

Only worry about the next order of magnitude of growth. Think in terms of doubles. What would it take to double growth. Don’t think past that.

5. Get the right people.

Every magnitude of growth requires different personalities and skills. Make sure you have the right players for the next milestone.

6. Ask for help.

Build connections of peers that have experience in the next stage of growth you are seeking and lean into them to learn from their mistakes and failures.