Derek Neighbors

The more I learn, the less I know.

About Me

My passion is helping other people find unlock their inner creator and live for what they were designed to do. Unlocking the best in people is the only way to change the world. The more impossible something seems or I’m told it can’t be done, the more interested I am in trying to do it. I’m loud and obnoxious and known to enjoy craft beer and fine bourbon. Whose kidding, I like any bourbon.

I have been happily married to a gorgeous woman for nearly three decades and am enjoying watching my three adult children chart their own course. I have a heart for education and believe that our educational system is broken and in need of an overhaul. I love urban planning, but don’t feel urban living is for everyone and like the concept of cities that embrace this. I have no sense of fashion style and swear like a sailor. I enjoy deplorable humor and practical jokes, because life is too short.

I split my time between Phoenix, AZ, Nashville, TN and Encinitas, CA.

The best way to get my attention is to invite me to the pub for a beer over a footy match. You can invite me by emailing me at


Derek Neighbors is a serial entrepreneur who helps people bring ideas to reality. Derek co-founded Gangplank, a collaborative workspace, in 2008 to help encourage local creatives to explore innovative ideas and create what they are passionate about. He helps companies build high performing teams to compete in the new economy. He is seasoned software executive at startups like Tanga, Openforce, and StrongMind. He is a Angel investor and troublemaker of the world. He has served on as the President of multiple non-profits and sits on the many local economic development boards and committees.

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What People Are Saying About Me

“Derek Neighbors is the best thing that has happened to Arizona entrepreneurship in a long time. By co-founding Gangplank, he has enable the entrepreneurial community in Arizona to have a space for co-working, thought leadership, and collaborative development. He incubates small software companies, and provides resources to their founders. He’s a one man economic development machine for the community, and after all my years of work on behalf of Arizona entrepreneurs I’m proud to be associated with his vision. I share it.” — Francine Hardaway

“Derek’s work with Gangplank has been instrumental in transforming the Arizona tech and creative industries. He has experimented, sacrificed, and worked his butt off to create an environment where startups and small businesses can truly thrive, accomplishing in mere months what many have waited on established institutions for years to do. He may not be a local celebrity yet, but he’s a pillar of Arizona’s future economic growth, and a force to be reckoned with.” — James Archer

“Derek understands the networked world we live in, both electronically and socially. His visionary leadership, tireless evangelism and passionate management at Gangplank have played a large role in creating an open environment of collaboration, innovation and success.” — Ward Andrews