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Productivity Syncing Work & Personal Calendars

By Derek Neighbors, Published on December 29, 2022

The Problem

You have multiple calendars. Likely a work calendar and a personal calendar. You need to be able to share availability to various people across those calendars easily. You need to make your life more sane and manageable.

The problem gets even more complicated when the calendars are not from the same vendor. It is common that one calendar is in Exchange and one is in Google.

The Solution

Fantastical by Flexbits on Mac. The benefits.

  • It allows you to setup multiple accounts from multiple providers.
  • It allows you to filter by account and create groups.
  • It allows you to configure these at an Fantastical account level making it them automatically show up in the mobile iOS application.
  • It allows you to easily copy an event so it can be on two calendars in a merged state.

Quick How-To