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Productivity Productivity Wednesday #6 : Share Digital Content on Social Media with Buffer

By Derek Neighbors, Published on December 5, 2012

If you read a lot of digital content, you should share a lot. The problem is that you probably read in spurts. If you shared in spurts, you would probably annoy your friends. Buffer helps fix that problem.

Buffer has great extensions for a number of browsers/applications. These extensions allow you with the click of a button to share the page you are currently on with a number of social media accounts.

Buffer Review

If you want to share it right away click “Post Now”, if you want to space out your sharing click “Buffer” and it will put it in a queue to be sent later. You are in control (by social media account) of when items in your queue will be sent out. It takes your timezone into account. You also control what url shortener to use.

Buffer Analytics

Want analytics with that? I assumed so. Buffer does a great job of letting you know whether what you are sharing is getting interacted with by your followers (regardless of platform).

So what are you waiting for? Get your productivity on and start seamlessly sharing with your friends.