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Personal Live Versus Recorded Demos

By Derek Neighbors, Published on July 29, 2022

So many Agile teams don’t demo software. Even though a core tenant of Agile is “Working software is a primary measure of progress”.

Some teams I have encountered record a screencast of the functionality and play during their demo instead of doing a live team. This is certainly better than not demoing anything but it has its pros and cons.


  • It allows for a smoother demo as many variables that go wrong in a demo are removed.
  • It allows others on the team to give feedback and improve the recording.
  • It helps ensure all the functionality was covered in the demo.
  • It ends up with an artifact that can be shared with others asynchronously.


  • It can require a lot of “preparation time”
  • It covers up potential performance issues.
  • It covers up potential queue times or delays in other “micro-services”.
  • It may make confusing whether the functionality is actually working in production.
  • It can mask the teams confidence of being able to use the functionality in real time.
  • It can mask known errors that covered up in video post production.

I have found it powerful for teams to regularly record functionality and share with product and others for feedback BEFORE the work is done. Doing so in a very lightweight screen capture mode, but then live demo the functionality when it is done and in production to a wider audience.

How are your demos helping or hurting your work?