Derek Neighbors

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Personal Hierarchy of Reading

By Derek Neighbors, Published on January 27, 2012

Abraham Maslow made the concept of hierarchies of progression in systems popular via his work on a hierarchy of needs. Below is a theory about the hierarchy of different types of readers.

Survival Reader

Only reads when critical to survival. This type of reader regularly denounces the benefits of reading. They are often too busy to read and can’t see any value in spending time to read.

Procrastinator Reader

Wants to read more. Understand reading provides pleasure and opportunity. Asks for book recommendations and has good intentions, but doesn’t make the time to start reading. Often afraid of the commitment of finishing a book.

Active Reader

Reads semi-regularly for pleasure and social acceptance. Doesn’t have any focus to the books that are being read and doesn’t process what they read outside of themselves.

Engaged Reader

Takes time to engage with others on meaning of books and reads with a purpose. Is excited about what they are reading and want to share with others the excitement. Starts thinking deeper about the meaning of the works and are curious about how it relates outside themselves.

Remix Reader

Assembles content from multiple sources to create new works and/or actively applies to daily life. Reading enough to find common strands among multiple works. Actively connects ideas, thoughts, works and people to push boundaries of changing things well outside themselves. Is able to put read works to practical use.

So where do you sit? Are you okay with where you sit?