Derek Neighbors

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Personal You Can’t Handle the Truth

By Derek Neighbors, Published on June 14, 2011

A woman and her son were entering the Subway as my daughter and I were getting out of the car. My daughter uttered, “Hoochie Mama” under her breath. I chastised her for being inappropriate. Her response to me was, “Well she is.” Granted the woman was probably in her late forties, had on 5 inch heels, booty shorts and next to nothing for a top with her adolescent son in tote. Sadly, my daughter was right.

During our meal, a couple came in with their child and a friend. The couple was a little punk rock meets hippie. They finished their meal and walked out, but the friend and child headed back to refill a drink. My mother was with us and commented on the baby being cute. My daughter said something derogatory about the parents being weird. This time my mother chastised her, noting that their friend may overhear her.

At that point my daughter dropped some wisdom, “If people can’t handle the truth, they should fix the problem.” Her view point is that if people make choices in life that others may criticize they have few options.

  1. Handle the truth. (Ignore the criticism)
  2. Fix the problem. (Change what is being criticized)

However, it seems most people would rather choose a third option which is to get offended. While I don’t condone her tact, I am glad to say that at a young age she has come to the realization that if the truth hurts do something about it. If it’s not the truth, ignore it!