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Agile Desert Code Camp 2011.1

By Derek Neighbors, Published on February 3, 2011

Desert Code Camp has opened it’s call for suggestions. This is a great FREE event that brings together technologists of all kinds together at a single location to learn (while feeding them breakfast and lunch) new technologies, improve on existing technology or share your favorite technology. There has been a good dynamic languages track in addition to a strong Microsoft track. There has been a track for kids (Gangplank Jr) and even sessions on sales or running a business.

This Code Camp will feature an agile track being put together by the Phoenix SCRUM User Group as well. I am excited to see this come together and the diversity of the Desert Code Camp expand every time they announce a new one. This is a conference that has been inspecting and adapting over the years (adding a speaker dinner and after party even) and has become a real asset to the community. I hope that you will support it and that we will see you there!

Things you can do to help:

  • Invite a friend, coworker
  • Blog about it
  • Tweet about it (@DesertCodeCamp)
  • Like the event on Facebook (DesertCodeCamp) and share it with friends
  • See if your company’s HR or training department can get the word out
  • See if your company will sponsor
  • Bring it up on your favorite technology list